Renault Key Card

Renault Key Card

A key card is a rectangular flat plastic card – the size of a credit card. The key card stores information in the form of a transponder chip. The door mechanism reads the card and unlocks the door and will start the engine.

If you buy a key card from Renault main dealers it can take between 7-10 days on order.

A common problem with Renault Key Cards

A message will appear on the dashboard stating the card has not been detected. This means that the transponder chip has been detached by a fraction and cannot be seen by the human eye but it will no longer work and will need replacing


We always have key cards in stock and can be programmed onto your vehicle within the hour. We have the software to generate key codes for any Renault so there is no need to wait to get this code from the main dealer we provide this service free of charge. Renault main dealers charge approximately £25.00 and take up to 48 hours to produce the code.


There are some recommendations on the internet suggesting when the key does not work to place a knife or screwdriver down the side of the card whilst in the slot. This forces the chip to touch the circuit board. This does sometimes allow the car to start but is not recommended as obviously inserting metal tools into electrical equipment could be highly dangerous.

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