Replacement Car Keys and Remotes Woolwich

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Lost or stolen keys remotes or key card?

Broken key in ignition or lock?

Locked keys in your vehicle?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then call us to and we can help in the Woolwich area.

Many people think that they will need to take their vehicle to a main dealer if they lose all their keys or remotes. This is not the case if you ring us. We come to you at the roadside or wherever you are stranded and will programme new keys for your car or van.

We also carry out all other vehicle locks and key problems and can open up any make and model without causing damage in the Woolwich area.

If you need to new keys or remotes re programmed onto your vehicle for your security then we can do this on the spot.

Our prices are very competitive and are much cheaper than the main dealer. The price you are quoted is genuine and we will not put on hidden extras once the job is done.

Remote Control Programming

If your remote car key does not work we can re programme it to start your vehicle. Take a look at this article first though to see if you can fix it yourself here.

About Transponders

A transponder is short for: transmitter + responder

In basic terms a transponder is a miniaturized electronic chip that has non-volatile memory, the type of memory that does not need constant energy for retention. Along with that electronic chip is a set of windings; very fine wire coiled around a tube. These windings look similar to the windings one would find in an electric motor.

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Makes of vehicles we deal with include from your Auto Locksmith Woolwich…

FordVauxhall • Toyota • Volkswagen • Nissan • Rover • Peugeot • Renault Suzuki • Daewoo • Hyundai • Mitsubishi • MG and more…