Car Apps Security Warning on Used Cars

Beware if you buy a used car. The former owner may still be able to track their old car. If the previous owner had a tracking devise app on their phone it cannot be disconnected by the manufacturer according to an article from Auto Express.

There is a call for manufacturers to try to protect new owners by finding a way to disconnect car apps from previous owners.  

A former owner of a Land Rover Discovery who sold his car to a private buyer was able to access his tracking app on his phone, locate the car and even more of a worry was able to know if the vehicle was locked or unlocked.

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  • Bill

    Hi, do you cover the Leyton E10 area? I bought a car that only has 1 key and would like to have a spare made (full replacement inc remote lock etc) Car is an Audi A3 2005 Current key looks like this – Thanks

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