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I called the car locksmith when I could not find my only set of keys for my Ford Focus. The locksmith gave me a price to replace my remote control and told me he would be with me in half an hour. The service he provided was excellent! He programmed a brand new remote and provided me with a spare for the agreed price all with in an hour.

John Hart
Lodge Ave

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Testimonials for The Car Auto Locksmith

I lost my only key for my Fiat 500 last week and did not have a spare. My initial thought was to ring the main dealer. They told me they could help but I would need to take my car to them which would have been hassle. I was then recommended from a friend to try an Auto locksmith and found this company. They came to me the same day and made a new remote key for my vehicle there and then and was much cheaper than the quote from the main dealer. Paul Southend

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