Coronavirus COVID 19

A message to our customers and using our services

We hope you are all keeping safe at this very difficult time.

Please note: During this time we are only available to come out to you in an emergency situation.

Examples of this are:

You are a key worker and you have locked your keys in your vehicle or you have lost them and do not have a spare.

You have a child or animal locked in your vehicle

You need to buy food and you have lost your car keys.

You need to drive to an elderly relative because you have caring responsibilities and need a new key programmed because it is lost or locked your keys in your vehicle by mistake and need to get it opened.

Our locksmith will be strictly adhering to government guidelines if they come to you to carry out work i.e keeping a safe distance away from customers. The locksmith will leave and not carry out the work if the this customers do not adhere to this.

Please be aware that we cannot come out to non emergency situations for instance if you need a spare key