Facts about Stolen Cars and Keys

Facts about stolen cars and keys

More than 100,000 cars were stolen last year and only half of those have ever been recovered

Keys are the weakest link in the car security chain and you should treat them in the same way you look after cash – you wouldn’t leave £10,000 or more in banknotes lying around would you?

Every day at least 53 householders in England and Wales find that their car has disappeared following burglary of their home to obtain the keys.

Recent claims from AA insurance customers include their car keys

  • Stolen while the owners were asleep at night
  • Stolen while owners have been in the garden or have ‘popped out for five minutes’
  • Left in front door locks
  • ‘Fished’ through the letter box or through open window fanlights
  • Taken following comprehensively burglery of the home, and the family car used as a getaway vehicle
  • Stolen from a family’s home while they were on holiday and used to take three cars from a locked garage
  • Stolen from workplaces, gym lockers and changing rooms
  • Quietly picked out of unwatched bags or pockets
  • Stolen by way of threats, muggings or carjackings

Theft by electronic means

Theft of prestige, high-value vehicles is on the increase again in some parts of the country where highly-organised criminal gangs are using sophisticated technology to override the car’s security via the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port.

Cars with keyless ‘entry and go’ are particularly at risk, as a mechanical key isn’t even required to overcome the steering lock.

Advice on protecting your vehicle 

  • Always double-check that your vehicle is locked  – thieves are known to target specific vehicles and use jamming devices to block the lock signal from the owner’s remote control
  • Use a locked garage if you’ve got one at home and, elsewhere, choose well-lit areas and areas covered by CCTV.
  • Ask your insurer for advice – additional security measures might be required as a condition of cover.
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