Ford Keys and Remotes

Information about Ford keys and remotes

Programming a remote control on the majority of Ford vehicles can be done very easily by the owner by turning the key to position 1 in the ignition, then position 2 back and forth 4 times within 6 seconds. Then turn the ignition fully on and off. The remote should now work all the central locking. However to programme the transponder chip in the key would have to be done by an auto locksmith as this requires key programme machine.

When buying keys mail order on the internet be careful! The keys may come ready cut for your Ford vehicle and you would be able to programme a remote control but the most important part, the programming of the chip to the immobiliser, is where the real costs lie so shop around and way up the costs.

Blue remote controls have to be programmed by a diagnostic machine and cannot be programmed manually.

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  • marcy hammond

    Hi please could you give me a quote as my ford focus 2006 remote has stopped working correctly, I live near the army and navy roundabout. Thank you Marcy.

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