Jammed Ignitions

Advise from the auto locksmith if your ignition is jammed

Jammed ignitions – During periods of warm weather motorists often experience problems with their ignition cropped-car-ignition.jpg barrels. Basically this is caused by the internal parts of the ignition expanding due to the hot conditions. However this is highlighting an underlying problem or the ignition being worn. When the conditions cool down the ignition may start working again but you could still experience problems. This is the time to get an auto locksmith to service your ignition. If it is still possible to get the ignition working with manipulation then it can be taken out and serviced and put back to new giving many year of good service usually coming to the region of £120 to do this. If left the ignition would probably have to be drilled out and renewed coming to a minimum of £160 or in some cases £200 or more.

This problem is quite common in Vauxhall, Fords and many more makes.


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