Keys Locked in your Porsche

At the auto car locksmith company we are experts in opening your Porsche 911, Boxter and Cayenne if your keys have been locked in your car or boot.

We have specific ways to get into the boot of your Porsche without causing any damage what so ever if you have locked your car keys in the boot or car.

Many auto locksmiths may come out to you to attempt to open up your Porsche if your keys are locked in your boot or car. However unless they know what they are doing it could be very costly if they damage your car.

Before you let the auto locksmith attempt to retrieve your keys make sure they have good insurance unless of course they are experts like us.

We are always updating our skills so we stay experts in our field for Porsche open ups.

Ring and speak to our car auto locksmith Porsche expert today on 07565729487.

Facts about Porsche

  • Porsche introduced their first model in 1948 a 356 Coupe
  • The most popular Porsche is a 911 and was introduced in 1963
  • If you buy a Porsche you can have it custom painted any colour ( for a fee)
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