Opening up vehicles without a key or remote

Many recovery companies including the AA and RAC will come out to you if you need yourmini-air-wedge1 vehicle opened up. You may not have keys, a remote or key card if they have been stolen or you have lost them. The recovery companies will use a technique. However they will air wedge the door open and use a rod to pull the handle to gain access. Most modern cars are dead locked so this will not work. Even if you are sat inside your vehicle and it is deadlocked you would not be able to open it by pulling the handle inside the vehicle.

We recently went to an emergency open up after the AA called us. The AA and the Mercedes rescue company could not get the lady out after she had slammed the door and at the same time dropped her keys into the door jam which locked her inside on a very sunny day. We were luckily 5 minutes away and took under a minute to open up the vehicle by picking the lock. The lady had been locked in her Mercedes for an hour and a half in the hot sun. Needless to say she was very grateful when the Auto Locksmith got her out.

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