Tips on Passing the MOT

Taking your car for its MOT can be a bit stressful, a bit like going o the dentist!

Firstly a well serviced car will more than likely pass so the best advise is to have your annual service just

before your MOT is due and even better if its at the same garage . If this is not possible here are a few tips for getting that all important pass certificate………

Tyres – these should be inflated to the correct tyre pressure and check your depth of thread or go to a local tyre garage who will normally check them for you free of charge.

Warning lights on dashboard- any warning lights must be investigated and turned off.

Exhaust – listen for any excessive noise or rattles coming from the exhaust.

Oil- use the dipstick to check the oil and make sure there is sufficient fuel to go through the emissions test.

Breaks – make sure you can do an emergency stop without the car pulling to one side and apply the hand break on a slope to make sure it is working properly.

Mirrors – Lights – wipers – these should all be checked get someone to tell you is the lights are working while you turn them on.

Good luck!

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