Vehicle Remote Controls and Keyless Entry Fobs

My remote control car key fob has stopped working. What can I do?auto locksmith Dartford

Remote control keyless entry fobs for car and vans have been around for years. Remember the steel key we used years ago. Not only were cars much easier to access for car thieves,  they were also a lot more convenient and much more secure.

How much easier is it to unlock your vehicle with a hands free entry devise?

What if things go wrong though and your key fob stops working.

Make sure you have a spare so you can use this as a back up. Don’t keep using this though without getting a replacement as, if something goes wrong with your 2nd remote or you lose it, this will make a bigger problem for you.

Check the battery. If your key remote/fob is a couple of years old or more your battery could be low or it may have stopped working completely.

If after you change the battery it is still not working….

Firstly put your key/remote in the ignition so that the dash lights up. Press and hold any button on the remote for 5 seconds. With most vehicles if the remote is still putting out a signal it will resynchronise itself saving the need to call us out.

Ring us anytime on 07565729487 however if none of these tips work or if you need a spare remote/key fob  if you only have one that works.

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