Vehicle Thefts Rise Again

Have you ever left your car keys with a stranger? Two in five have as vehicle thefts rise again and experts warn of key cloning conmen.
• Is carelessness to blame for the rise? Key cloning more prevalent than ever
• Some 43% said they have left keys with an unknown mechanic or valet
• Just 11% admitted they’d hand their house keys to a complete stranger
• Thieves left with car and key can clone the key and steal the vehicle later
• Older drivers are less concerned about car security, says AXA study
More than two in five motorists have put their car at risk of theft by leaving their keys with a stranger – even as experts warn of key-cloning conmen.
According to a new survey, 43 per cent of drivers ‘don’t appear to think twice’ about handing over their car keys at a garage, airport parking,  car-wash or valet, or at a hotel or restaurant. That four times as many who would do the same with their house keys.
But a spate of key cloning thefts should make them think twice.
(Sourced from This is Money website)
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