Volkswagen keys

Replacement Volkswagen Car Keys Volkswagen replacement car keys
All modern Volkswagen VW vehicles have a transponder chip embedded in the plastic part of the key.
In order to programme new keys and remotes for Volkswagen vehicles a 4 digit security code is needed. These codes are not supplied with the vehicle and Volkswagen main dealers cannot supply you with your code. The main dealer however can programme a new remote or key onto your vehicle but you will need to take your vehicle to them. This could be a problem for you if you do not have any keys at all for your car as you would need to arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the mail dealer and could prove very costly.
At The Car Auto Locksmith company we have the latest equipment to extract the 4 digit code by plugging our equipment into the OBD socket. Every vehicle has this socket and is usually in a concealed unobvious place where every professional car locksmith can access. When a car is newer than 2004 a 5 digit code is needed which we can also retrieve.
We will come to you to retrieve your code and programme new keys and remotes to your Volkswagen. We work in Essex, London, Kent and Hertfordshire
Locked out of your VW – Not a problem we will open up your vehicle with our expert techniques and can make you a spare so you do not have this problem again.
Fact – The Volkswagen company is the largest automotive company in the world and was founded in 1937