Volkswagen Replacement Keys and Remotes

A common problem with VW keys and remotes we have experienced over our many years of Volkswagen replacement car keysreplacing vehicle keys is that they quite often fall apart through wear and over use.

We also find that many customers do not have a spare so when this happens it turns into a big problem for them or so they think.

If this happened to you and you call the main dealer it would probably be very costly and not straightforward due to the fact that you would need to get your vehicle to them.

If you call the car auto locksmith company then we will come to you to make a new remote and at the same time make a spare for you so you have peace of mind if you ever lose your key or remote again it gets damaged again.

How do we make new keys for your Volkswagen Vehicle ?

We put a key reader into your door lock to get the cuts of the key. This enables our trained locksmiths to open up your vehicle. We then plug our high tech equipment into your vehicle to obtain your unique security code to programme new keys and get you back on the road.

We can do this the same day you call and in emergency situations can be with you in an hour.

Ring the Auto Locksmith on 07565729487 for an immediate quote if you need replacement keys for Golf, Polo, Beetle, Transporter and many other makes..



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