Key won’t turn in your Chrysler ignition?

We get many calls from our customers telling us their key wont turn in their Chrysler ignition.  We can give thRTC6IVZGyou a quick fix solution if this happens to get you temporarily mobile again.

While the key is in the ignition tap the key with a hammer or mallet. This shocks the ignition causing it to turn and will get you out of trouble and you can temporarily drive your car. Do not however drive your vehicle again if you have not got your ignition looked at by an auto locksmith as the above procedure will probably not work again and your key will end up stuck in your ignition.  If you call straight away and not drive your vehicle any more then we can service your ignition and it will be as good as new.  

However the work proves more complex when the motorist carries on using the ignition and does not get the ignition looked at by an auto locksmith.   

More often than not the ignition has to be replaced and will incur more expense so we advise you to call us if you have problems with your Chrysler ignition. We will come out to you at the roadside and repair or replace your ignition. Repairing and servicing your ignition will cost £120 and replacing the ignition approx £190.

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